Screening of Ettore Scola’s C’eravamo tanto amati – Thursday 8 December

Hello everyone,

The next meeting of the Italian Film Club will take place on Thursday 8 December with a screening of Ettore Scola’s C’eravamo tanto amati (1974).

The film follows the lives, over thirty years, of three former Resistance fighters, Antonio (Nino Manfredi), Gianni (Vittorio Gassman) and Nicola (Stefano Satta Flores) and it recounts the changes and disillusions they have to face when, as one of the characters remarks, “scoppia la pace”. In the first part of the movie, shot in Black&White, the three friends go for different lives. Antonio starts working as a hospital orderly in Rome whilst Gianni becomes a lawyer in Pavia and Nicola works as a teacher in Nocera Inferiore, a small centre in the Italian south. After a few years, both Gianni and Nicola move to Rome and reunite with Antonio. From this point onwards things get a bit complicated for them and their destinies become intertwined also through the character of Luciana (Stefania Sandrelli), a young actress with whom they all fall in love.

The authors attempt to portray, through the movie’s characters, the political and social confusion that followed the end of the war in Italy. Each of the characters represents a different political approach. Antonio, who stays true to his Resistance beliefs, represents the Communist Party; Nicola, the intellectual of the group, is passionate and full of ideals, but ultimately ineffectual, whereas Gianni embodies that sort of idealism that ends up compromising itself with power and money. The constant undertone of melancholy and sadness and the masterly camera work make this movie all the more impressive.

Please note that the film will be in Italian with Italian subtitles only.

Hope to see you there!


C'eravamo tanto amati

Vittorio Gassman, Nino Manfredi and Stefano Satta Flores


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8 Responses to Screening of Ettore Scola’s C’eravamo tanto amati – Thursday 8 December

  1. brightalian says:

    Great movie, though my favourite among Scola’s is still “Una giornata particolare”, an amazing masterpiece! Nocera Inferiore is a few kilometers from my hometown. A really awful place, I can almost sense Nicola’s anguish for having to live there 🙂

    • What about ‘La famiglia’? I’ve always considered Scola a very good director, solid and usually reliable. But ‘C’eravamo tanto amati’ has a special place in my heart. Antonio’s line ‘ci siamo stufati d’essere buoni e generosi’ always strikes a chord with me… 🙂

      • brightalian says:

        I think Scola gave his best in the Seventies, with a bunch of powerful films (I would also like to mention “Brutti, sporchi e cattivi”), then he started to decline (well, as far as such a good director can decline!): his movies started to suffer from an excess of sentimentalism and a loss of imaginative grip on reality, as you can (partly) see in “La famiglia”. That’s my humble view, at least…

      • Agreed. La Famiglia does not have the same power of C’eravamo tanto amati or Una giornata particolare but I still find it narratively compact and overall well-acted. A good, old-fashioned film perhaps not particularly innovative but still enjoyable.
        On a different note, any opinion on the main actors in C’eravamo that you’d care to share?

      • brightalian says:

        Sorry, for some reason it looks like I can’t reply after your last post…
        Anyway, yes, “La famiglia” it’s still enjoyable, but when you’ve been spoilt so much you can’t avoid some disappointment 🙂
        To answer your question about the actors, I should watch the film again (I’ve seen it last time maybe a couple of years ago). What I can say is that Manfredi is NOT one of my favourites, while Satta Flores died too young, and I regret he couldn’t express his talent at its fullest…

      • brightalian says:

        So, how was the screening?

  2. Renata says:

    Sounds like a must-see film. How do I find out what time and where? Also – should I book?

    • Hi! No need to book. All the screenings take place in UCL’s Malet Place 1.02 at 6pm. If you scroll back to the blog’s previous posts, you will find all the necessary information.
      Hope to see you on Thursday!

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