Screening of Il Conte Max – Thursday 11 October

Hello everyone!

The first screening of the UCL’s Italian Film Club 2012/13 will take place this coming Thursday at 6pm in Malet Place Eng. 1.03

Due to an unexpected problem with the post, the first film will be Giorgio Bianchi’s Il Conte Max and not Peccato che sia una canaglia (Alessandro Blasetti).

There is something serendipitous about this ‘disguido’ since last year we started with Il Signor Max and we will begin this year with that film’s remake.

Alberto (Alberto Sordi) is a newspaper vendor in Rome obsessively fascinated by high society. His secret dream is to be part of it or at least socialize with the people he can only admire in the gossipy magazines he sells. When Alberto seeks advice from an aristocratic older man Conte Max Orsini Varaldo (Vittorio De Sica), fallen into disgrace due his gambling habits, his dreams seem to finally come true. Max starts to teach him the right manners and social habits to enter the glittery world of high society. Through this, unexpectedly, Alberto succeeds to have a relationship with a sophisticated member of the aristocracy. But the more he goes on, the more things get out of hand and Alberto will start rethinking about his priorities…

Please, note that the film will be in Italian with no subtitles.


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