Screening of Arrangiatevi! – Thursday 15 November

Hello everyone,

The Italian Film Club at UCL will resume its meetings this coming Thursday with a screening of Mauro Bolognini’s Arrangiatevi! (1959).

In postwar Rome, finding a place to live is far from easy and the penury of habitable dwellings forces two families to share the same apartment. After years of bickering and difficulties, Peppino Ametrano (Peppino De Filippo) cannot believe his luck: a spacious and beautiful house, right in the centre of Rome and for very little money…The house, however, hides a little secret that will be the source of misunderstandings and further problems for Peppino and his family. 

Interpreted by Peppino De Filippo and Totò (in the unusual role of De Filippo’s father in law) and supported by the outstanding performances of Vittorio Caprioli and Franca Valeri, Arrangiatevi! is a delightful comedy and I hope you will enjoy it.

Please, note that the film will be in Italian with Italian subtitles.

Hope to see you there!


Hope to see you there!




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