Screening of Dino Risi’s ‘Una vita difficile’ – Thursday 29 November

In this effective drama directed by Dino Risi in 1961, comedian Alberto Sordi plays Silvio Magnozzi, a man so dedicated to his high moral standards that he loses out on most of the things he wants in life – including his wife (Lea Massari). He watches while others march up the ladder of success way ahead of him, sometimes by hypocritically licking the boots of their superiors or doing just anything at all to attain advancement. After his grip on his principles causes his wife to walk out, Silvio relents and starts to live like others…

Una vita difficile could be considered Dino Risi’s first cynical look at the “social malaise” of 1960’s Italy, the years of the economic miracle, that he will tackle again in Il sorpasso (1962). Scripted by Rodolfo Sonego, the film is notable for Alberto Sordi’s depiction of the idealistic Communist party follower who finally gives in to the temptations of the new capitalist era only when in desperate economic plight. Humiliated, he makes a pathetic if dignified attempt to save his honour. Recently restored, this film has at last won due recognition and is now regarded as one of Dino Risi’s best films.

The film will be in Italian with Italian subtitles.

Hope to see you there!

Alberto Sordi and Lea Massari

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