‘Le Coccinelle – A Transsexual Melodrama – screening and Q&A on Thursday 14th November

UCL’s Italian Film Club is glad to announce the screening + Q&A of Le Coccinelle – A Transsexual Melodrama (Emanuela Pirelli, 2012) on Thursday 14th November at 6pm (Taviton (16) 432).

In the working-class areas of Naples, private ceremonies are a thriving business. This is one of the few areas in the world where the stars are not the internationally-renowned ones promoted by MTV but are home-grown singers. At wedding parties, which may last over twelve hours, the performers enthral relatives and friends of the hosts throughout a gargantuan banquet. Weddings, first communions, christenings, birthdays and neighbourhood celebrations form the background to Le Coccinelle shows that entertain an audience consumed with curiosity. Children are entranced and the women are moved by the show of Le Coccinelle. The ties that bind the women with the Neapolitan transsexuals are ancient and deep and except for ceremonies, only women are allowed to watch their performances.

In restaurant dining rooms decked out in fake Baroque style, Le Coccinelle sing and perform their acts. They tell stories of prostitution, of the judgement by Naples’s upper class, of the hypocrisy of their clients; but they also recount their friendships with the women of the back streets and the Neapolitans’ joyous way of life.

The photographer and filmmaker Emanuela Pirelli met Tonino, leading performer of Le Coccinelle, five years ago while working on a photographic project on Naples’s transsexuals. After hearing his story, she wanted to meet the other members of the group and started following them during their shows around Naples where she got to know their fans and friends.

The director Emanuela Pirelli is a young photographer and filmmaker from Naples. She graduated at the Rome’s Institute of Photography and Communication and did photo reportage work for magazines and agencies in Naples, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam and Berlin. In 2002 she attended the Documentary School by Doc/it and Zelig. Since then she has worked as camera operator and assistant director for documentaries, news and TV formats for both Italian and foreign productions. She directed behind the scenes, arts films and filmed for several documentaries such as Winners and Losers (2007) by Lech Kowalsky.

The film (in Italian with English subtitles) will be introduced by Nicola G. Ibba and will be followed by a Q&A with the director.

Hope to see you there!


Le Coccinelle

Le Coccinelle

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