The Italian who invented Free Cinema: Lorenza Mazzetti’s K and Together

Hello everyone,

Please allow me a little bit of shameless self-promotion…on Wednesday 4th December at 5,30pm I will give a presentation on Lorenza Mazzetti’s ‘London films’ during one of UCL’s Italian Department Research Seminar (Venue: Arts and Humanities Staff Common Room, Foster Court G24).  

Lorenza_Mazzetti_-_K PDVD_013


Lorenza Mazzetti made her first film K in 1954 while studying at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. In 1956, with the support of the Slade and the BFI, she completed Together with fellow students Michael Andrews and Eduardo Paolozzi in the roles of the two deaf-mute dockworkers living in the still semi-destroyed London’s East End. Together was one of the films screened at the first Free Cinema event at the NFT in 1956. In line with Free Cinema’s focus on subjectivity and poetic freedom, Mazzetti’s films reject traditional cinematic conventions and give life to a fascinating combination of Neorealist practices, radical documentary cinema and ‘Kitchen Sink’ drama.

As a woman and a foreigner in a British male-dominated world, Lorenza Mazzetti’s early works open up many questions about the relationship between British and Italian avant-garde cinema in the 1950s.

Please note: the talk will be followed by the screening of K and Together.

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